OceanTracker offers numerous safety and security benefits by allowing you to track and monitor the position of your vessel or fleet anywhere in the world via an internet browser. The system is well proven, running on over 10,000 vessels worldwide, using the renowned and reliable technologies of Purplefinder and Inmarsat.

Key Features:

  • Vessel tracked by Inmarsat C transceivers
  • Variable position reporting frequency
  • Detailed C-MapTM charts
  • Weather forecasting and storm, cyclone, hurricane information
  • Geo-fencing capability alerts you when vessel crosses into unauthorised areas
  • Receive position reports by email and SMS
  • Send text messages from web browser to the onboard unit
  • NEW! View position live in Google Earth/Maps


Your vessel can be tracked using your Inmarsat C. Simply send us your SAT C registration number and we can set up tracking within 5 working days.

Position Reports

You can set the position report frequency to suit your operational requirements from one per day to one every 10 minutes. In addition, you can poll a vessel from a web browser in order to receive an immediate position report. Each positional update can be forwarded as an email or an SMS keeping you effortlessly informed.


Your vessel’s position is displayed on an interactive world map giving you the position of your vessel/ fleet at a glance. Using C-MapsTM award winning electronic charts along with the power of the Purplefinder zoom and pan functionality you will always know exactly where your vessel is.

The chart interface can be integrated securely into your own website or we can provide you with a page on our OceanTracker servers.

We can now take advantage of the powerful and detailed satellite imagery available in Google Earth and superimpose the live positional data directly into the application providing an exciting and more real viewing experience.

Meteorological Information

A full array of meteorological information can be displayed on the map, including:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Swell wave height, direction and period
  • Wind wave height, direction and period
  • Storm, cyclone, hurricane informaton (e.g. name, position, maximum wind speed, maximum gust)