In order to protect ports and shipping against terrorism, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) introduced new regulations into the ISPC code making it mandatory for all vessels over 500gt to be equipped with a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS). Vessels are then capable of discreetly raising an alarm to the relevant authorities and vessels can be tracked if the security is compromised.

As a Pole Star distributor, OceanWeb offers a complete suite of SSAS services including:

  • Expert consultancy
  • Supply of fully compliant hardware
  • Global installation service
  • Configuration and management


To ensure we can satisfy the diverse needs of the Marine sector, OceanWeb offers the Pole Star series of SSAS products which have been developed to support a wide range of hardware options and comply fully with all SOLAS XI – 2/6 mandatory regulations and performance standards for Ship Security Alert Systems.

  • Pole Star DSAS - The SSAS equipment for demanding customers, providing: battery backup, battery reports, a tamper switch and a marine grade stainless steel case.

  • InmarsatC Third Party Equipment - SSAS hardware from a number of other manufacturers can now be integrated into our managed services.
  • Installation

    OceanWeb offers global coverage for installation of SSAS systems. Our qualified engineers are experts in integration, configuration and placement of the equipment onboard. Having worked in the shipping and superyacht industry for over 10 years we understand the importance of not only using high quality materials and providing high quality workmanship but also in working with the client to ensure least disruption to vessel and crew.


    OceanWeb premier services are powered by Purplefinder. This remains the most powerful, versatile and comprehensive system on the market and can be used with any SSAS equipment. The web-based application allows complete control of the system, with the ability to:

  • Set, test and reset the SSAS transceiver onboard the vessel.
  • Route alert notifications to the appropriate person, CSO or DPA via email, fax or SMS.
  • Poll for vessel position reports including speed and bearing.
  • Check global meteorological forecasting.
  • For further information on any of our services please contact us.