Using Slingbox, OceanWeb can give you access to your live and recorded shows, movies and sports. Whether in the home or on the go, with a Slingbox device connected to your home TV and Slingplayer on your mobile device or laptop, you're in control of your TV experience no matter where you are in the world.

Key Features:

  • Watch and control live TV on a tablet, phone, PC, or Mac
  • Play and manage DVR recordings
  • Absolutely no monthly fees
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast®, and Roku®
  • Easy and quick set-up


  Slingbox 350          Slingbox M1


If your set-top box is near an ethernet port OceanWeb can supply and install the Slingbox 350 to get you going or if you want to connect to your home network via WiFi the Slingbox M1 would be perfect for you.

How Slingbox works

Slingbox connects to your TV feed and then broadcasts it live giving you access to your favourite shows anywhere with an internet connection.

For further information on the Slingbox or any of our other services please contact us.