Communications & Airtime

OceanWeb are a specialist provider of high quality marine communication solutions for the yachting industry. We are committed to providing a premier ‘one stop’ service, fulfilling all your communications requirements including expert consultation, equipment and airtime provision and complete management of these communication and airtime services.

IT & Networking

OceanWeb is committed to providing specialist IT support to ensure the efficient day-to-day operations of your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated support team consists of a core of highly trained software, hardware, communications and network engineers that are on duty to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Web Design, Multimedia & Email

At OceanWeb we pride ourselves on effective and stylish website design and development. Our in-house designers work hard to create fresh and welcoming designs with clean, easy to follow navigation to suit the needs of our customers. We also pride ourselves on working closely with the client to develop a bespoke and scalable email system that completely fulfils their needs and provides a reliable and effective service.

Vessel Security

OceanWebs OceanTracker offers numerous safety and security benefits by allowing you to track and monitor the position of your vessel or fleet anywhere in the world via an internet browser. OceanWeb offers the Pole Star series of SSAS products which have been developed to support a wide range of hardware options and comply fully with all SOLAS XI – 2/6 mandatory regulations and performance standards for Ship Security Alert Systems.

TV & Media Services

OceanWeb can deliver your local newspaper whilst you're sailing around the world and to make sure you don't miss anything we can also install Sky TV and DirecTV throughout your ship.