We can fully register, configure and administer InmarsatC (SatC) services.

We can also:

  • Perform LRIT compliance testing
  • Provide letter of guarantee from accounting authority
  • Provide, configure and support SSAS systems and routing.
  • Update existing SatC installations (to take account of flag change or new hardware).

10 years ago many yachts would install a GMDSS compliant Fleet 77 and a single SatC. As Fleet 77's are now end of life a lot of new yachts are installing a second SatC for LRIT and SSAS services. Where possible we recommend installing two GMDSS SatC terminals as this provides duplication. We can register and support both SATC terminals.

Case Study;

We provided SatC services on a 60m refit. Originally the yacht had a GMDSS Fleet 77 and a single SatC installed however as Fleet 77's are now end of life we supplied a Fleet Broadband 500 for voice and data and two GMDSS compliant SatC terminals to provide duplication.