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Managed Email Systems

Email is one of the most widely used communications tools available. Having worked in the superyacht industry for over 20 years, OceanWeb not only understands the unique problems that a constantly moving vessel has to overcome with its varied equipment and configurations, but also the challenges faced by a crew and passengers with demanding and often different needs and requirements.

We believe that we should not compromise our clients by providing a set email ‘package’ that imposes restrictions and limits. Instead, we pride ourselves on working closely with the client to develop a bespoke and scalable system that completely fulfils their needs and provides a reliable and effective service.

Our Fully Managed Email Service can be defined by its 3 core elements:

  1. Design & Configuration
  2. Management & Support
  3. Protection & Security

Managed IT Support

OceanWeb is committed to providing specialist IT support to ensure the efficient day-to-day operations of your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated support team consists of a core of highly trained software, hardware, communications and network engineers that are on duty to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Key Features:

  • Installation, repair & upgrade of existing systems
  • Bespoke installations of new systems
  • Comprehensive remote & on-site IT support
  • Satellite communications supply & support including VSAT, TVRO, Fleet & Sat C
  • Transas, email servers, AIS, SSAS & Sat C specialists
  • Application / hardware integration
  • Onboard & remote back-up systems
  • IT best practice standards

We can help by auditing your network; monitoring your servers; identifying, diagnosing and fixing problems remotely; providing a fast reaction helpdesk; scheduling routine technician visits and providing an emergency technical response when required.

We proactively support your systems so that issues are rapidly identified and resolved before they cause you problems, thus minimising any downtime.

Build/Refit Consultancy

OceanWeb have a core team of engineers who are Cisco, Microsoft, Kerio and Apple certified. We are the industry leaders in designing multi WAN gateways and routing and have been involved in over 40 new-builds and refits and can advise the Owner, Project Manager, Captain or Engineer on logical and reliable network upgrade pathways.

As we have a range of specialist surveying and diagnostic tools we can survey, supply, install and troubleshoot Cisco, Ubiquiti and Arubu wireless networks.

Networking (Wired & Wireless)

A solid reliable gigabit network is of paramount importance these days on all yachts as all AV, Internet and many technical services are run over this backbone. OceanWeb have Cisco trained engineers who can design, integrate, administer and support multi-VLAN layer 3 networks.

The use of VLANs separates the traffic to provide a more secure and efficient network.

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