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OceanWeb can supply and install a wide range of VSAT hardware. We have SeaTel, Sailor and KVH trained engineers to ensure that the install is completed correctly and to the highest standard. Our trained engineers can also service, maintain and upgrade this hardware as well as troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We have top-of-the-range diagnostic equipment to accurately calculate RF cable and connector loss to ensure the best connection possible. OceanWeb can also supply, install and support a wide range of iDirect platforms including the new iDirect X7. We also supply a wide range of airtime packages through Marlink, MTN and KVH as well as bespoke airtime solutions through other third party partners. We pride ourselves on high customer service, fast performance and very flexible contracts. We can supply speeds up to 25MB/s over 35+ beams providing near global coverage. We can also provide VPN, Smart DNS and VoIP services.


OceanWeb can provide high volume global roaming SIM cards meaning that you can roam seamlessly between countries without have to manage multiple SIM cards. We can supply up to 2TB of roaming data per month and also offer full support, administration and monitoring services. The beauty of a single global roaming SIM is that you only need to enter the APN once and then you do not need to be constantly changing /swapping SIMs and activating regional plans.

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OceanWeb can provide both Iridium and Thurya hardware.

Iriduim hardware that we can supply includes (but is not limited to):

  • A wide range of satellite phones
  • Fixed cellular terminals
  • Iridium Pilot (higher speed global coverage)
  • Iridium tracking services

We also offer a wide range of iridium voice and data plans.


OceanWeb can supply SIMs, Airtime and Full Administration of the Inmarsat fleet services. We can fully register, configure and administer InmarsatC (SatC) services.

We can also:

  • Perform LRIT compliance testing
  • Provide letter of guarantee from accounting authority
  • Provide, configure and support SSAS systems and routing.
  • Update existing SatC installations (to take account of flag change or new hardware).

10 years ago many yachts would install a GMDSS compliant Fleet 77 and a single SatC. As Fleet 77’s are now end of life a lot of new yachts are installing a second SatC for LRIT and SSAS services. Where possible we recommend installing two GMDSS SatC terminals as this provides duplication. We can register and support both SatC terminals.

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